Have your ducks gone wild?

All Your Ducks is a decluttering and organising service for people who want more calm and clarity in their home. I can guide you in the decluttering process, help you to let go of the things weighing you down and establish order with what remains.



For space and freedom

Full cupboards, overflowing wardrobes, not enough space to put everything...? I know what it is like to feel like you are drowning in too much stuff. Decluttering is not easy, I know! I have been there and I know the pain of trying to decide whether or not to keep something. Over time I have developed strategies and techniques that really work. I would love to help you to truly declutter and to feel what living with less feels like.


For time and productivity

Modern life is busy. Many people are juggling work, children, family, friends and more. This is why I am passionate about helping people to bring order to their homes. Organised homes are relaxing, peaceful and give you more time for what is important to you.

Organising is so much more than pretty containers. I assess what is needed from a space, why it isn't working for you and then create systems that work. 


Hi! I am Laura. Ever since I was a girl I have been organising. As a child I continually arranged and rearranged my toys into order. In my corporate career I have used my organising skills to run big events and conferences as well as manage large projects.

Later, when I discovered decluttering, and realised I could use my skills to help other people, I knew I had found my calling. I feel an immense sense of joy when I see clients experience relief from letting go of the excess clutter in their lives, or happiness from having their lives more organised.

My approach is caring, completely judgement free and practical. I focus on getting to know your individual needs and creating organised spaces that make your life easier. And my aim is that we can have some fun in the process!

Contact me to find out how I can help get all your ducks in a row.




Melbourne Australia