Less than three hours in this children's playroom and  order was restored. Afterwards, the kids discovered toys they forgot they even had!

In just three hours we turned this space back into a family room again. This client had been putting it off for a long time so she was delighted by how much we achieved in such a short time. Plus, her teenage sons were rapped with the new found space!

Previously, this client bought multiples of many items and didn't really know what was in her pantry. In this session, we purged old food and then I grouped together like foods with like foods. Now she knows exactly what she has at a glance. Organising containers = $50.

Even a seemingly simple little job like this can have a hugely freeing effect.

This client's office space had stopped being an office and had turned into a holding ground for a bit of everything. In four hours we sorted through huge piles of paper, books, trinkets, photos, mementos and more. We were also able to remove furniture. The space is nearly ready to turn into a treatment room. A huge achievement!  


Melbourne Australia