Christmas gift ideas without the clutter

18 Dec 2018


As Christmas nears I have put together a list of clutter free (or minimal clutter) gift ideas for your loved ones. The ideas also support small business as much as possible because every time you buy from small business someone does a happy dance!


No (or low) clutter Christmas gift idea #1🎄🎄


The first clutter free gift idea is for the person who loves trying new things... a gift voucher to Laneway Learning Melbourne.


Laneway Learning hosts informal, accessible evening classes in a huge range of topics. Seriously, they have a class for just about anything you could imagine, from knitting to budgeting to jewellery making! It is a great way to test a new hobby or just learn a bit about something new.


Classes are taught by teachers from all walks of life; from university professors and small business owners, to people who have a particular hobby or niche that they want to share.

Last Christmas, I received gift voucher for two classes and I loved looking at the schedule of classes and picking which one to attend!


Vouchers start at just $32!




No (or low) clutter Christmas gift idea #2🎄🎄


For the funky jewellery wearer, try the cool designs by Blackbird & Bones. I love this sky themed necklace. It reminds me of Melbourne... 😂😀 .


The trick with buying jewellery is that you need to be very confident that the person will like it, otherwise it does become clutter. If you're not sure, why not ask the person before you buy it?


This one-woman small business does some other cool alternative jewellery. Follow her on facebook and check out her website:



No (or low) clutter Christmas gift idea #3🎄🎄


For the health and environmentally conscious person, try these energy bars from We Bar None. These bars look great, taste awesome and are wrapped in compostable wrappers!! They'd make a great gift for someone who is active or on the run a lot!


We Bar None is a Ballarat based snack food business run by a woman who is passionate about living a low waste and healthy lifestyle. Find out more on her facebook page or website:


No (or low) clutter Christmas gift idea #4🎄🎄


A Kiva gift card. 100% clutter free but 100% feel good.


Kiva gives the chance to make a loan to people in more than 80 countries so they can start businesses, go to school and improve life for their families. With a Kiva Card, the receiver can support a borrower of their choice.


I have personally made numerous loans over the years, all of which have been re-paid. It's cool to read about the progress of the person you have made the load to!

Find out more or purchase a gift card at: 


No (or low) clutter Christmas gift idea #5 🎄🎄


For a quirky gift idea, why not buy your loved one a photo shoot?! I don't mean your standard glamour shoot either. There are plenty of photographers doing things a bit differently.


Check out the photography by Bri Hammond Photography, for example. I love her project on share houses!! Unique memories captured in a creative way is something many people would love but never consider buying themselves.


Contact Bri via her facebook page or website to find out about her packages:


No (or low) clutter Christmas gift idea #6 🎄🎄


For the nail art lover, treat them to having their nails painted by Miss Jay's Nails And Beauty (located in Collingwood, Melbourne).


I have personally had my nails done at Miss Jay's and they were amazing! The style possibilities are endless with Chelsea (the owner). She's very clever!


Gift vouchers are available via her website or contact her directly.


P.S. If you're not in Melbourne, research a local business in your area that does kick-ass nails! :)



No (or low) clutter Christmas gift idea #7 🎄🎄


For coffee lovers, speak to you local coffee shop and see if you can pre-pay for 10 coffees. Then could create a gift card that says "For ten slow Saturdays" or something similar. You will have just made their regular coffee run that bit more special!


No (or low) clutter Christmas gift idea #8 🎄🎄


A magazine is another great low clutter gift idea. I particularly love Breathe. It's a beautiful magazine that promotes living a slower life, as well as covers information on well-being, creativity and other interesting topics.


Buy a subscription on their website:


No (or low) clutter Christmas gift idea #9 🎄🎄


For the dance lover, buy them some dance classes!! I absolutely love the courses by Commercial Collective. The owner, Rhys, really helps you to let it go and just really go for it! You don't have to be experienced to join his classes as he really breaks the moves down.


Follow the Commercial Collective facebook page to see upcoming courses.



No (or low) clutter Christmas gift idea #10🎄🎄


Show someone how well you know them by picking specific essential oils or blends just for them. Is it a blend to help them relax and unwind, or perhaps it is to help uplift them?


GypsyApothecary is a one-woman run business based in Brisbane selling all natural 100% ethically, sustainably & locally sourced pure products. I love this business because the owner, Terri, is happy to answer any questions and provide really helpful advice! I adore her essential oil soaps!


You can her products through her website:


No (or low) clutter Christmas gift idea #11 🎄🎄


I couldn't do a clutter free gift ideas series without including myself as a gift so, for the last gift idea in this series, here it is ☺️☺️!!


Give the gift of more time, space and clarity!



Now obviously getting someone a voucher for decluttering or organising help may need to be approached carefully. I would suggest that you ask whether they would like some help to get their spaces in order and offer to get them that help as a gift. Or perhaps you want one for yourself so you could ask a loved one for it?!


Send me a message on 0421947320 to arrange a voucher or to book in for your own session :)


Merry Christmas everyone! 


Laura xx


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