Four stylish solutions to prevent your 'floordrobe'

15 Jun 2018


What do you do with clothes that are worn once but are not dirty enough for the wash? Do you throw them on the floor in a heap? Do you throw them over "the chair"? Do you chuck them into your wardrobe and close the door so not to see the mess?


I am a big fan of not over-washing clothes. The problem is, they start to pile up and my good intentions to fold them and sit them on my drawers fade away as the week goes on.


So then I got thinking... why not create a beautiful solution that begs me to use it?!


So... I have scoured the internet to show you four stylish solutions for storing your part worn clothes and keeping that floordrobe at bay. ;)


1. Hang your clothes from the ceiling




This is such a great idea and simple too! The wooden hangers look great and it is sure to keep your clothes off the floor. Learn how to make it on Ram Sam Saa's website.


2. Hang them on the wall

 Image: @nourishandnectar



These stylish scandi hooks look fab. Plus, it helps you to see how an outfit looks when paired together. Love it! See it over on Nourished and Nectar's instagram. 



3. Hang them from a beautiful rail like this

Image: @artilleriertstore


Keep your clothes off the floor and turn them in to a feature like Artillerietstore has done here! This room is so dreamy!



4. Or on stylish hooks

 Image: @restyledvintage


This solution comes from one of the lovely members of my favourite facebook group, Capsule Wardrobe Australia and New Zealand. If you haven't heard of a capsule wardrobe it is essentially an intentional wardrobe where you can easily mix and match your clothes into outfits. I love that Karen uses these hooks to plan her outfit for the next day but it would easily work to hold your part-worn clothes. Karen is also the queen of vintage and op-shopping so it is worth checking out her Instagram


There you have it. Four stylish solutions to prevent your floordrobe. What is your solution? Which of these do you like best?



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