Goodbye Sarina, a story of letting go

31 Aug 2018



When Terri told me this story, I just had to share it. She had read my article on letting go of sentimental items and it inspired her to think deeply about 'Sarina'. It is a great example of how, sometimes, an item can get more love and enjoyment with someone else, rather than sitting in the back of a cupboard collecting space.


This is Terri's story. 


I read your article a little while ago and I loved it. It got me to re-think my beloved German Witch doll Sarina (I named her, she didn't come with a name...I name everything! LOL). I bought her around 11 years ago when my mum, dad and I came up to the Gold Coast (we lived in Adelaide then) to visit my auntie and my nanna who was in a nursing home. While there, my auntie took us to Mt Tamborine. I found Sarina in the German clock shop and fell in love with her. (HTF am I getting this back to Adelaide?!) She is over a metre tall, so I had to carry her on the plane and hold her on my lap (all wrapped in bubble wrap!!)...anyway, for the next 4 years she was hanging in our bedroom (both in Adelaide and in Tasmania)...but when hubby and I moved up here, there really was no place for her, for the last 7 years (and 3 moves) she has been in a cupboard. 

  Image: Terri's beloved Sarina, the German Witch doll

I read your article and decided it was time for her to find a new owner and I put her on gumtree. I didn't get any responses for ages...then one day, a lady texted me this huge story that her sons girlfriend is German and that she's funny and lovely and would get a kick out of Sarina (she even sent me pics of her family), but she wanted me to post her to Lismore. I couldn't do that, so they drove from Lismore to my place in Teneriffe that weekend to pick her up!!!!

So, Sarina went to someone very special who will now treasure her. The money I received for going to go towards a new tattoo...something that I will be able to keep forever and will always remind me of Sarina.


-Terri, Brisbane 

Image: Terri


Thank you so much to Terri, for allowing me to share this beautiful story.

If you have been inspired to let go of a special item that no longer serves you, I'd love to hear about it. And if you are struggling to give up an item, consider if there might be someone out there who would get more joy and enjoyment out of the item than you do.


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