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31 Jul 2018


Do you feel like you are constantly tripping over electronic devices in your home? Depending on the number of people in a household, it is not uncommon to have ten or more digital devices like smart phones, tablets and iPods in the one home! And I think it is pretty safe to say that small devices are here to stay.


So what can you do to keep your devices organised and orderly?


The single biggest tip I can give anyone in a busy family home, is to designate a specific place for storing your devices. It is even better if you can sit down together as a family and decide which solution everyone would prefer to use. 


Finding the right solution really depends on your situation. I have put together some of my favourites from across the internet. Let me know what you think!!


6 ideas for organising your digital devices


As you may be learning, I love DIY hacks!! A magazine rack turned sideways is perfect for storing multiple tablets. Drill holes in the back and you can hide the cords away! I love this pretty wooden one that I found on the '100 things 2 do' website.



The magazine rack got me thinking... what about a letter holder?! An upright letter holder would be great for holding devices of all different sizes. Again, you could tuck a power board behind it for plugging in the cords or just use it for storage. I found this beautiful wooden holder on Etsy for inspiration but I would encourage you to look around your home before buying something new.

 Source: WillowsEndCottage on Etsy


This $5 rack from Ikea is another simple idea for storing tablets.

Source: Kevin on Ikea Hackers (


This next solution is too impressive not to include! Check out this amazing re-purposed vintage case! What a unique and beautiful way to hide away modern technology?! You can read the instructions on the design sponge website. If anyone gives this a go, PLEASE let me know how you go!!



Even Kmart is jumping on the device organisation train! These are two different storage solutions currently available at Kmart.

Source : Kmart Australia



Last but not least, I wanted to include this idea by Jillee where she turns a simple cardboard box into a charging station. I love this solution because it uses everyday items and hides all the cords out-of-sight for a tidy look. Full instructions on how to make it are on the 'one good thing' website.




Let me know in the comments below which of these solutions you like best or what you do in your home to keep your devices organised! :)



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